From high-quality batteries to OEM replacement products, we hold our standards to the highest level while providing the best products at an affordable price point.


No matter where the road takes you, you’re gonna need the power to get there. With Fire Power’s exceptional battery line, you’ll get the umph you need when you need it.

From long-lasting lightweight Lithium to pre-charged standard batteries, we’ll provide you the power for your newest adventures.


Keep your machine moving at a steady pace with our selection of high-quality Fire Power chains.

All of our chains are designed to last with their exceptional seals and hardened components that are ready to move with your machine, giving you outstanding durability and longevity.


Don’t forget about the power at hand, that’s where your levers come into play.

Fire Power provides durable and sleek lever design, giving you brake and clutch options with a style that matches any bike.


We understand that reliability is key when it comes to starters, and Fire Power offers high-end starters, kits, coils and more to keep your machine running on start, every time you turn the key.

From a joy ride to a cross-country adventure, we can get you there.


Fire Power has a wide array of add ons to make your hobby more enjoyable.

Take a look at what we have to offer…

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Fire Power represents a vast array of high-quality, affordable motorcycle products that are distributed exclusively in the United States by WPS (Western Power Sports). Backed by a core group of motorcycle enthusiasts with over 50 years of experience doing business in the power sports industry, Fire Power is focused on producing high-quality products for motorcycle dealers and their enthusiast customers.